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a special trip

The study tour is where teachers, colleagues and partners can share in diverse experiences, and it has a real family feel, so it is certainly something very special.
There are a number of carefully designed activities and games that allow us to strengthen the bonds of friendship, and where teachers and students can discover each other in a different and exciting environment.  A positive and enthusiastic attitude is the best approach to this adventure.

  • Where to stay

    • Aula de Naturaleza Ermita vieja
      Aula de Naturaleza Ermita vieja
    • Granja escuela Huerto Alegre
      Granja escuela Huerto Alegre

    The facilities of our two centres will be at the exclusive disposal of the group. Both the nature’s classroom and the farm school are located in protected areas surrounding Granada. This allows us to offer you various activities that combine the enjoyment of both the tranquil surrounding countryside such as The Alpujarra and Sierra Nevada with visits to the enchanting city of Granada, including places such as the Alhambra, the city centre, and the Albayzín. There are also exciting evening activities such as a theater workshops and games under the stars to make this trip a fantastic experience for all. If you would like to find out more, please visit our website parts: facilities of the nature’s classroom Ermita Vieja and the farm school Huerto Alegre.

  • We design your study tour

    • alhambra
    • bibrambla2
    • sierra nevada web
      sierra nevada web

    We organise the perfect study tour program for you, tailored to the age, interest, duration and purpose of the students’ trip.From our experience of this kind of travel, we are able to offer a well-balanced combination of learning, leisure and entertainment, motivating the students to participate in learning, while enjoying the experience. A team of education professionals are on hand at all times, and we take care of every area of your visit.

  • We take care of everything and we’ll always accompany you

    • partal2
    • plaza nueva Huerto Alegre
      plaza nueva Huerto Alegre
    • excursion Huerto alegre
      excursion Huerto alegre

    All activities are designed and programmed by the pedagogical team of Huerto Alegre, in the facilities, the countryside and the visits and trips. The quality of our study tours and your enjoyment is what matters.We manage buses for travel, as well as tickets to the Alhambra, Science Park, Museum of the memory of Andalusia, and we will accompany, and act as guides in all of these activities.